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The mission of the Napavine School District is to work with the community to continue our positive growth by preparing individuals in a safe and secure environment for learning, living and working responsibility in society. 


Students in grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be participating in this year's field test pilot for the new Smarter Balanced online assessments in Language Arts, and students in grades 7 & 8 will be participating in the Math assessment pilot. Testing will take place during the student's English and Math class periods, beginning this Monday 4/28 with Language Arts and continuing into May with Math. Students in grade 8 will still take the MSP online test for Science near the end of May, same as previous years. The Smarter Balanced assessments are a pilot test this year to help us plan for next year when they will be required in grades 3-8 and 11, and are different from previous state-mandated assessments, as each subject's test contains multiple components that take place over multiple class periods/days.

NEW: 2013-2014 STUDENT CALENDAR (.pdf)



We recently invited you, our staff, parents, students and community members, to share your thoughts about what the Napavine School District is doing well, and how we can improve as we envision our future and move forward. Your feedback is appreciated, and is vital to our planning for changes in programming and facilities.
After giving us your ideas, and assigning your top priorities, we have identified 5 key themes we will focus on as we move forward in our planning.  Our goal was to get a sense of shared values and priorities, and to base our strategic planning on the ideas that we heard from you.

We are excited to report that we had 312 individuals respond, share 580 thoughts and assign 4712 stars to the top priorities from across the District. Thank you for your time and commitment to this important planning process.
We are still reviewing the wealth of information that was shared with us, and have identified the following highlights:


·     Communication with families and students
·     Providing a positive atmosphere for learning
·     Quality staff members
·     Academic achievement is a priority
·     Reasonable class sizes

Opportunities for improvement

·     Develop and implement a plan for improving the building facilities
·     Increased utilization of technology in the classroom
·     Offer no cost full day kindergarten
·     Bring some vocational programs up to date with current needs
·     Provide more opportunities for students who excel

If you participated in the conversation, thank you very much. If you missed this engagement, it’s not too late to join the conversation. We have two more planned:

May 2014- School Facilities

Fall 2014- Renewed Strategic Plan

We hope you will take the time to explore the results of this exciting communication process. Our goal is to engage as many stake holders as possible, and I invite you to join us for future conversations.
Please follow the link below to view the website with your prioritized ideas and our themes from these THOUGHTstream processes:


The next regularly scheduled workshop/study session meeting of the Board of Directors of the Napavine School District is scheduled for Monday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the district office boardroom.

The next regularly scheduled business meeting of the Board of Directors of the Napavine School District is scheduled for Monday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the district office boardroom.

Questions may be directed to district office personnel at 360-262-3303.


The Spring 2014 edition of "Tiger Trek," Napavine School District's quarterly newsletter, is now available online. For highlights from our recent community survey, winter sports, the sixth grade science museum, book fair and chess, plus details on a high school teacher's grant award and anintroduction to our new Payroll/Personnel person at the district office, and much, much more, check out the newsletter by clicking the link below.

Current and past editions of the newsletter are also available by clicking the TigerTrek Newsletter link at left. For more information about the district newsletter, please contact our editor, Jody Low, at jlow@napa.k12.wa.us

View the Spring 2014 TigerTrek Newsletter (.pdf)